Kremasti Monastery

Kremasti Monastery:

The Monastery of Kremasti is a greek orthodox monastery located in a pine-covered ravine, 15 km from Ancient Olympia and 30 km from Katakolon Port.
The imposing Monastery of Panayia Kremasti stands on the steep cliff with the magnificent view of the forest of Foloi and the mountain of Erymanthos.

According to legend, some local shepherds noticed a light beaming from a hole in the rock one night. The residents tied a man with a rope and lowered him into the hole where he discovered an icon of the Virgin Mary hanging from the ceiling of the cave!
The mysterious discovery of the religious symbol was inexplicable to the residents. Considered a sign of God, they built a monastery inside that very cave.

The monastery was founded in the beginning of the 17th century, even on an inscription that is not preserved today, referring to 1601 as the year of construction of the temple.

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